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It plans and carries into effect the communication processes of the national and international institutions, establishments and brands they offer service to since 1997. Medyaevi, with its integrated solutions, aims to be the “main solution partner” for their customers.

With the high interaction among the four leading expert companies, Medyaevi provides added-value for its cutromers and is a member of ICCO (International Communication Consultancy Organisation) and the Turkish representative of this organization İDA 


S360 Sustainability Communication Services
Mavi Güvercin Communication and Event Consultant
STORiDEA Social Communication Agency










2023 - TUHİD Golden Compass

MediaMarkt Türkiye “MediaMarkt Startup Challange'' Project

International Campaign Award

Metro Türkiye, “Benim İşim Benim Mutfağım” Project

Grand Prize


2023 - Mediacat Felis Awards

P&G Türkiye “Olympic Moms Press Conference“ Project

Launch / Re-launch Felis Achievement Award

Oral-B “İstanbul Triatlonu” Project

Felis Achievement Award in the Communication Through Influencer Category

Samsung Electronics Türkiye “Solve For Tomorrow“ Project

Felis Gold Award in Access to Quality Education Category

Felis Gold Award in Creating Opportunities for Children and Youth Category


 Samsung Electronics Türkiye “Samsung Balıkçı Ağı'' Project

Felis Gold Award in Recycling and Upcycling Category

2023 - Prida Ödülleri

Flo X Blindlook “Erişilebilir Bir Dünya” Project

BAU Special Award for Innovative Technology Use in Communication

P&G Türkiye Deprem Eforları

Social Solidarity Special Award

2022 - TUHİD Altın Pusula Ödülleri

ETİ “Healthy Soil Movement” Project

Corporate Responsibility Agriculture Award

Aksigorta “Digital Security Platform” Project

Corporate Publications Award

2022 - Prida Ödülleri

ETİ “You are Young, You are the Power” Project

Special Award for Projects that Add Value to Society

ETİ ''ETİ Burçak Healthy Soil Movement''

Sustainability Academy Sustainability Awards

Zorlu Center ''Eco Love Fest''

Event Communication Category

2021 - Prida Ödülleri

Fairy “Don't Waste Food”

Sustainability Communication + Sustainability Ideas + Launch/Relaunch

Bioderma "Atoderm Roadshow" Project

Event Communication + Launch, Relaunch


Mediamarkt Türkiye ''Great Friday'' Project

Journalist Influencer Communication Category

2021 - Mediacat Felis Ödülleri

Procter & Gamble “Hope for Tomorrow Under the Same Roof” Project

Integrated Media Projects Category


Fairy “Don't Waste Food”

Reputation Management, Sustainability Management, Media Relations Management,

Social Media and Digital Community Management

Bioderma "Atoderm Roadshow" Project

Launch / Re-Launch Category

2021 - TUHİD Altın Pusula Ödülleri

Procter & Gamble “Applause Too” Project

Corporate Social Responsibility + Sports + Continuity/Sustainability

Fairy "Historical Restaurants Are As Clean As New" Project

Marketing Communications and Integrated Marketing

Starbucks 'Fit Menu with Dilara Koçak from Starbucks Kitchen' Project

Digital Communication - Celebrity Usage

Vodafone Türkiye "Vodafone 41st Istanbul Marathon" Project

Sponsorship Communication - Sports

2020 - Prida İletişim Ödüller

Procter & Gamble “Youth is 100 Years Old” Project

Projects That Add Value to Society Category

Procter & Gamble "Applause Too" Project

Corporate Social Responsibility Communication and

Categories of Campaigns that Distribute Hope to Children

MediaMarkt "Startup Challenge" Project

International Project Category

Filli Boya “Salute to Victory” Project

Reputation Management and Local Values Communication Categories

2019 - TUHİD Golden Compass

Eti Yellow Bicycle
Corporate Social Responsibility Health Category 

2019 - TUHİD Golden Campass

Eti Siyez Wheat Protection Movement

Corporate Social Responsibility  Environment Catgory

2019 - Prida Awards

Cheetos Development Centers

Campaigns That Give Children Hope

2019 - Prida Award

Cheetos Development Centers

Project-Focused Sustainable Collaboration 


2018 - Prida Awards

Procter & Gamble Turkey

Sustainable Collaboration Corporate Category Award

2018 - Prida Awards


Sustainable Collaboration Corporate Category Award

2018 - Prida Awards

Tekfen Holding

Sustainable Collaboration Corporate Category Award

2018 - Prida Awards

Filli Boya Turquoise Project

Corporate Publications Category Award

2018 - TUHİD Golden Compass

Fairy Turkey Don’t Let Fish Drown Project 
Agenda Management Award 

2018 - TUHİD Golden Compass

Procter & Gamble Turkey Olimpic Moms Project 
Corporate Social Responsibility Sport Category Award 


2017 - Mediacat Felis Awards

Filli Boya Color Effect Project 
PR Purposed Publications Category Grand Prize 

2017 - Mediacat Felis Awards

Samsung Boğaziçi Intercontinental Swimming Contest 
Traditional Event Management as A PR Platform Category Grand Prize 

2017 - Mediacat Felis Awards

Procter & Gamble ‘30 Sportsmen and Their Mothers on the way to Tokio 2020 Olimpic Games with P&G’
Integrated Campaigns with PR Leadership Category Grand Prize 

2016 - TUHİD Golden Compass

Eti Yellow Bicycle
Corporate Responsibility Sport Category 


2016 - TUHİD Golden Compass

Eti Burçak & WWF Turkey Collaboration Turkey’s Wheat Atlas 
Corporate Responsibility Nature Category 




Yeşilce Mah. Yunus Emre Cad. Nil Ticaret Merkezi No :8 Kat:1 34418 4.Levent-İstanbul 

Tel: 0212 351 91 81
Fax: 0212 351 91 71

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